Featured: Otion Micro-Tex Shifter Grips

Otion Shifter Grips add tactility and sensitivity for more assured and reliable shifts. In situations requiring swift gear changes, Otion Shifter Grips virtually eliminate slippage so the rider can stay focused on the road ahead.

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Featured: Otion Brake Grip - SRAM/Campy/Universal

Otion Brake Lever Grips enhance safety and tactility in wet or dry conditions.  The micro-cilia texture increases surface area contact while allowing for venting of moisture for increased safety when wet due to sweat or wet weather.

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Featured: Otion Protection

Our latest offering is our all new frame and crank protection products designed to keep your high-end finishes looking like new even after thousands of miles of road and trail abuse. Perfectly clear and resistant to yellowing from UV exposure, Otion protective laminates are unobtrusive to let your bike’s original colors and graphics shine through.

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Otion Ergonomic Products

Less Pain.  More Joy.

Otion products can most accurately be described as “Gecko Skin” for all the contact points of your bicycle. The products are applied by adhesive and provide significantly enhanced grip in wet or dry conditions with or without gloves. The micro-cilia surface actually absorbs shock and reduces stress from high frequency vibrations.

Otion products are available for virtually all road shift and braking systems, saddles and TT and Triathlon aero bars including mechanical and electronic systems from Shimano and SRAM and others.


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